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BatMitzvah Bat Mitzvah - becoming "appointed heir"

"Why become Bat Mitzvah at age 56?
Firstly to express love for God, the Giver of Torah, and for the Torah itself - not the scroll, but what's in it: God's teaching picture of the plan of redemption for humanity that is to come in Messiah Yeshua."
Want to read more? You are invited to read the Drash, or exposition, associated with this Bat Mitzvah (click here.)

Bat Mitzvah ArtPiece

Double Portion: Vayak'hel-Pekudei - Exodus 35-40 / 1 Kings 7:51-8:21

On Saturday, September 8, 2012 at age 56 I was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah. The event was the culmination of a year of intensive study of a portion of the Torah and of Hebrew cantillation. During that time a skype meeting took place on a weekly basis between Joshua Ben-Yehoshafat, who led the process, and me. We might have made history as he officiated the event from Austria via skype, the ceremony taking place in Mill Valley, CA, USA.

I first met Joshua over a year and a half prior to this date, in advance of a journey to Austria, the land of my mother's birth. On the last day of the Vienna trip Joshua agreed to mentor me in the Bat Mitzvah process. I never dreamed where it would lead. I am delighted with a new name, B'rakha Bat Arye V'Chaya, particularly because my father chose it and bestowed it with great dignity at the Bat Mitzvah. It is the feminine version of the name Barukh, the Hebrew name of my grandfather, my father's beloved father-in-law and my mother's beloved father.

The occasion was one of overflow, joy and breakthrough. One of the themes of the portion for the day is "too much-ness". Indeed, there was too much of everything that day. For example, I was so worried there wouldn't be enough food, but I need not have worried; the host church held a memorial service the following day with twice as many guests as we had, and we fed them with our leftovers!

The Invitation:

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Cover Bat Mitzvah Invitation Interior
"The Torah of God is perfect, restoring the soul." (Psalm 19:7)
How can the Torah restore the soul?
God has crafted the Torah to picture for us, from creation to the binding of Isaac, the life of Joseph, the Passover, the tabernacle, and in many other demonstrations, His age-old plan of redemption for humanity.
It is this precious redemption that restores the soul.
"For the goal at which the Torah aims is the Messiah, Who offers righteousness to everyone who trusts."

The Program:
Bat Mitzvah Program Exterior Bat Mitzvah Program Interior Bat Mitzvah Program Back
The Service:

Bat Mitzvah Introduction by Joshua
A Few Words From Joshua
Responsive Psalm
Ein Kamokha
Shema V'Ahavta
First Aliyah
Second Aliyah
Michelle's Drash Part I (click for transcript)
Michelle's Drash Part II
Michelle's Drash Part III
Blessings All Around
Nashir Lekha Song
Arye Bestows Name


Joshua's Bat Mitzvah Message Part 1 of 3
Joshua's Bat Mitzvah Message Part 2 of 3
Joshua's Bat Mitzvah Message Part 3 of 3
Aaronic Blessing
Bat Mitzvah Certificate

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