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How does a Jewish girl come to believe that Yeshua, or Jesus as the gentiles call Him, is the promised Savior of the world?  Growing up in the Bay Area gives a young person access to a tantalizing smorgasbord of life paths.  If you look hard enough you might find Jesus in the “J” section between I Ching and Jupiter Cycle, but you’d be loath to seek Him out with all the other more alluring options before you.  He certainly held no attraction for me. 

I thought people who believe in Jesus are just plain stupid.  Lest you think that my parents were a poor influence, I assure you I had a heart full of prejudice all on my own.  From the youngest age I just assumed that Jews were the smart people, accomplished and sophisticated in their thinking, while Christians had relenquished control of their minds and couldn't think for themselves.  Having never met a Christian, I had no reason to think otherwise. I was married to my husband a full year before I suffered the shock of realizing he wasn’t joking when he professed faith in Jesus. 

I thought my Dad was God.  That is what he taught me and I believed him of course, and found him to be a most enchanting god.  My dad loved to watch me, and I grew accustomed to the loving caress of his eyes on me.  He was all the god I needed, and I never learned of any other sort until I left home.

While at college I became aware of the habit I had of thinking that Daddy was still watching me, but one day I realized that he wasn’t.  When his eyes seemed to vanish from the sky above me I fell with a devastating crash.

Gradually I began to see that a Heavenly Father was watching me, holding my hand and patiently teaching me about His love.  He seemed to know me better and love me more than an earthly father ever could.


I thought Christians were all anti-Semites
.  When my husband’s father the Alabama Pentecostal preacher met me he declared his deep love for the Jewish people.  I saw what I thought was his condescension as irrefutable evidence of his anti-Semitism.  Obviously, anyone from the south must be an anti-Semite – that was a no-brainer.


I thought being Jewish meant hosting Passover, collecting a few words of Yiddish, a family recipe for Matzoh Brie, a Master’s degree and some Jewish jokes, but mostly being Jewish revolved around our history of persecution and enmity with gentiles, particularly Christians.  As for knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it wasn’t until I went into churches that I encountered people who actually read the Hebrew Scriptures, memorized them, cared about them, discussed them intelligently and even believed them.  I remember the first time I heard a pastor in church talking about Moses.  Who in the world did he think he was, telling me about Moses?  Moses is our guy!  Why was it that Christians cherished the Hebrew Scriptures more than any Jew I’d ever met?

I thought Christianity and Judaism were in a race against each other. When I began to see my husband teaching our children about Jesus, I figured I had better bone up and teach them about being Jewish.  Like I was in a giant sack race where I was stuck with one leg in the sack with Jesus, but I was trying to win the race anyway for Judaism.  That meant I first had to learn about being Jewish, so I learned the minimum - just enough to win the race. 

I later learned that I could believe in Yeshua without forsaking my heritage - in fact my Jewish identity came to full blossom in Yeshua. Christianity flows seamlessly out of Judaism and would have no meaning without it, nor does Judaism achieve its full meaning without the fulfillment of the ancient promises regarding Messiah.

I thought Christians made up stuff like sin, salvation, virgin birth, communion, trinity and even Christ, (or Mashiach/Messiah in Hebrew).  When I finally read the Hebrew Scriptures I saw that everything the Christians believe is rooted in our ancient texts. The writers of its books are all Jewish except one; they lived like Jews and did not reject Judaism.  Yeshua was a rabbi who kept the feasts, and He intended His salvation for the Jew first.  The New Testament unlocks the mysteries of the Hebrew Scriptures and vice versa.  In fact, the very idea of a New Testament, or covenant, is found in Jeremiah 31:31-34, which is in our Old Testament!

And finally, Yeshua’s atoning death, that He offered Himself as a sacrificial lamb so that we could be cleansed of sin, comes right out of Passover, Yom Kippur and the temple sacrifices.  I began to see that we are all sinful and in need of redemption if we are to commune with our Holy God.  Turning my life over to Yeshua was the most Jewish thing I could possibly do!


I thought becoming Christian meant that I would sign a certificate of membership and pledge a portion of my income toward some organization, because all they really want is your money.

I learned later that the real church of God is not an institution made by men and women, but a spiritual entity made by God. In an unexpected shift, I slowly began to identify, not with the churches where men and women congregate, but with that spiritual entity and the God behind it. My tangle of misconceptions was beginning to dissolve. I yearned to know the truth and I asked God to show me.

One day someone dear to me called Christianity stupid, and I was stung to the quick.  One day a friend told me that a loving God would never send people to hell, and I could discern that she was trying to fashion God in her own image.  One day someone made a Christian slur and I spoke up and objected.  I was changing. A veil was lifting from my eyes.

How can I tell the rest of the beautiful story
of overcoming all these misconceptions, of the bold turn that carried me away from the sickeningly familiar walk around the block that was my life, where every feature was confined to the limits of me?

How one day I gave a different answer to an invitation I’d heard for more than 20 years, the simple invitation to ask Jesus into my heart? 

How my “yes” stemmed from the most feeble faith in this man Yeshua holding something greater for me than I could give to myself?

How Yeshua answered my reluctant, surly assent with an immersion in His pure forgiving love? 

How my misconceptions and confusion melted away?

How I was cleansed and forgiven for all time, in a way that the yearly cleansing of our Day of Atonement cannot achieve? 

How Yeshua’s cleansing forgiveness gave me access to our Heavenly Father? 

How the Scriptures exploded open with meaning? 

How I broke the bonds of self and gained access to the infinite?

How my faith in Yeshua increased my hunger for Judaism?

hand extended

If Yeshua is what He claims to be, then you cannot afford to turn away.  I know that you have questions regarding the Holocaust, Christian history of the last 2,000 years, anti-Semitism and more, as I did.  There are answers, alongside God’s awesome mystery.  If you earnestly seek truth, I invite you to say a prayer:

“Lord, I seek You.
Please reveal Yourself to me. 
Please show me the truth about Yeshua.”

Our Heavenly Father hears your earnest prayers, and will answer you, as he did me.

"But he that putteth his trust in Me shall possess the land, and shall inherit My holy mountain; And shall say, 'Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumblingblock out of the way of my people.'"
(Isaiah 57:13,14)

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