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WHY I BOAST OF GOD - a correspondence

"For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself." (Galatians 6:3)

Dear Friend,

I have been waiting for a suitable time to be able to answer this letter of yours. It touched my heart and I have wanted to give a thoughtful response because the issues it brings up are very dear to me.

Your words are certainly complimentary and I thank you for them. I have been graced with a lot of energy that I am eager to use in publishing of various forms, be it as a cd, animation or book. I'm open to all of it and I believe I have something to say that would be of interest to someone.

You ask why I need to mention God so much in my writing, when you say His presence is evident in all I do. It is certainly true that there are artists and writers who love God and honor Him, yet they do not always have to continually mention Him in their work. I respect that and recognize that there are many human issues to talk about. However, I have only one thing to talk about.

Before I met Jesus I was a self-focused creature without direction except to point always to myself. This was a very narrow life. Although I didn't speak in terms that are now familiar to me, such as sin and redemption, I was trapped by my transgressions and unable to overcome them by myself. I looked back on a life full of awful mistakes and a future that promised only more of the bleakness of my limitations, and I became convicted of my need for a savior.

My encounter with Jesus opened my eyes, heart and spirit to understand that I can't free myself, but Jesus is a real freeing agent, and I can do all things through Him. Just as the Passover lamb was sacrificed and its blood was placed on the doorposts so that all who were under the blood of the lamb were safe from the Destroyer in the days of slavery in Egypt, so we have a Pascal lamb who took our transgressions upon Himself and died as the sacrificial lamb, so that we could be under His blood, freed from our own insufficiency, forgiven of our sins and overcoming death just as Jesus overcame it when He rose after three days.

By simply confessing with our mouths that this is true and believing it in our hearts, we have access to something amazing, something beyond anything we could ever do for ourselves. We have access to eternal union with our heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe, and freedom from all that decays, such as our bodies and our stuff, freedom in forgiveness from all our mistakes and bad judgment. It is a free gift, and comes with a wealth of perks.

I have nothing of my own to boast of, only this wonderful truth, and that is why I must honor and acknowledge my Father, not myself, in all I do. Having been one who was all about self, I now see that myself is only good because God has seen fit to grace me with His goodness. To not give Him all the glory, honor and power is to risk confusing my accomplishments with God's accomplishments in me. I didn't give myself my voice, my songs, my writing ability any more than I gave myself my height and eye color. I couldn't even take a breath of air without the mercy of the Almighty Creator.

I respect everyone's right to their own worship path, and recognize that God may be working in them to bring them to Himself, just as He did with me. For that reason I am learning patience and the great truth of Isaiah 55, that God's ways are not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts. However, Jesus states very clearly, whether we like or not, that He is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one goes to the Father except through Him. This is an equal opportunity truth, open to all people without regard to sexual preference or orientation, race, nationality, occupation, religion or level of intelligence. "May anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift."

Now Jesus is either speaking the truth or He is not. Each of us must face this question earnestly. I fear that in a world of smorgasbord spirituality where everything is laid out as if all were equal, too many people do not consider the possibility that there is only one way to eternal life and salvation. I certainly thought that way for most of my life. But Jesus' declaration is completely consistent with the Hebrew scripture prophecies about what the Messiah would do, how He would function, and the great eternal saving grace He would offer. This is not a subject to be treated lightly.

Just because the truth doesn't look the way we think it should doesn't mean it isn't the truth. If it is true that Jesus is Lord and in order to be reconciled with God we must go through God's Word made flesh, as He Himself states, then we had better make our life choices accordingly, with full knowledge of the terrible banishment that would result from rejecting His path.

You say you loved me as a Jew. I must declare that I have never been more Jewish than I am now that I am a Jewish believer in the Jewish Messiah. I have a new passion and ravenous hunger to know the biblical roots of my people, to learn the Hebrew language, to understand the ancient ways of worship, to practice the seven Jewish feasts of the Hebrew calendar, to eat according to God's recommendations (Kosher), and to come to know God's plan for my people, as clearly spelled out in the Tanakh, the Hebrew scriptures. The reason for this passion in me is that Jesus is undeniably present in all these things! Nothing could be more Jewish than to be a Christian.

I have encountered many people like yourself who were raised in Christian or Catholic families and feel they've heard the whole story and have moved on, but they never really had a personal relationship with Jesus to start with. And I've met many others raised that way who seek out and find the living God later in life, and when they find HIm in Jesus they are as transformed and joyful at the discovery as one who never even got close before, like me. I don't know if you may feel that you've heard it all regarding Jesus, but I earnestly invite you to consider that you have a wealth of discovery before you, that you have access to the only power that can free you from sin, from yourself, and He loves you and wants you in His Kingdom. All you have to do is ask for the forgiveness He freely offers and ask Jesus to come into your heart. He will make you the person He wants you to be, and I can't imagine a higher calling than that.

You say you don't think I need to preach about what I've found, but I want and need nothing other than to stand on the mountaintop and proclaim it with every fiber of my being! I hope that it provokes all who hear me to wonder what could be so amazing that this person could feel so strongly? Perhaps God will use me and my insistence on bringing Him up to accomplish His purpose of drawing more people to Him. I pray that may be so, in the precious name of Jesus.


"But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world." (Galatians 6:14)
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