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This page contains writings as well as spoken teachings in audio format.
Letter to My Father In my Father's Studio: a letter
God Provides God Provides: what He has for you
Good Samaritan Do This and You Will Live: about the good Samaritan
Jacob Wrestling From God to My God: Jacob's journey
Dessert The Sweet Taste: of dessert
Cross Rejoice, O Nations: with his people
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After: in the beginning
lambs Revenge, At First Though Sweet
lambs Reclining At God's Table
Lambs Come Into The Safe House
Love Your Neighbor Love One Another
HaMotzi Ha Motzi: a bringing forth
King Post King Post: treasure hunting
Bat Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah: becoming "appointed heir"
Misconceptions Misconceptions: seeking Adonai through the veil
Ten Days of Awe Ten Days of Awe: a repentance story
Why I Boast of God Why I Boast of God: a correspondence
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